Grab a hold of your projects budgeting by using Gauzy's built-in feature

Are you tired of overspending? Gauzy is here to help you to better manage your budgets and projects. Build project budgets based on hours, set limits and receive notifications.


Operate With Insight

Track project status

Monitor and control costs

Manage Workloads

Set Priorities

Gauzy will help you bring your team together to plan, track, and collaborate on any project - all in one place an easy to use.

Maximize Profits

Budget based projects

Bill Rates

Pay Rates

Set limits

Receive Notifications

Time & Progress

Track project status

Monitor and control costs

Improve the process

Data-rich information

With Gauzy Platform you can track project status, monitor and control costs through the entire lifecycle.

Manage Costs

Manage projects budgets

Set limits based on time or cost

Don't worry about overspanding


Easily see weekly limits for your team members and know how much of a project’s budget has been spent with your reports.


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