Manage one or multiple organization with Gauzy Platform

Let Gauzy Platform be your best business companion. You can manage projects, teams, clients, vendors, inventory and equipment all in one place.


Projects Management

Manage all projects in one place

Monitor budgets

Keep an eye on all costs

Add or Remove team members

Plan, organize, and manage your team's work, from start to finish. Gauzy Platform also acts as a easy to use collaboration tool. You can coordinate team tasks so everyone knows who's doing what.

Departments Management

Create and Edit Departments

Manage Workloads

Keep remote teams in sync

Time tracking & reporting

Stay on track effortlessly

Clients Management

Manage customer accounts

Lead Management

Deal Management

Workflow Automation

Get real-time insights about your customers, connect with them across channels, and build strong relationships.

Vendors Management

Add and Edit Vendors

Track Expenses

Track Records

Negotiate better rates

Manage your suppliers, who are also known as vendors. Vendor management includes activities such as selecting vendors, negotiating contracts, controlling costs, reducing vendor-related risks and ensuring service delivery.

Financial Management


Income & Expanses


Detailed Reports


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