Build everlasting customer relationships with Gauzy Platfrom

Grow your business faster by building lasting relationships with your customers, through every step of the customer journey.


Ditch the spreadhseet

All clients in one place

Share with co-workers

Provide Great Service

Stay on top of the game

House all your client activity and communications in one place. Let Gauzy’s client management software handle the follow-up, update your client records, and get you paid, while you focus on providing great service.

Orginized Workflow

Manage Tasks

View Contact Timeline

Send Emails

Make Calls

Bulk Activities


Customize your process

Manage the pipeline

Never miss an opportunity

Never miss a follow-up again

Knowing your clients is not the only way to deliver better service. The pipeline feature will help you provide better service and tighten up the process.


Keep track of your appointments

Drag and drop appointments

View your contacts

Daily, weekly and monthly views

Manage your sales like a boss with really to use features. Stay on top of your game.


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